Recording it all, in the heart of the sprawl.

It’s been awhile. I won’t bore you with the details of the past few years, but they include moving multiple times, starting and closing a business, getting hitched, starting and joining new bands and lots more ridiculousness. SWWA continues to go through its own mini and mega metamorphose (Hi, Weed!) and I still can’t figure out how to get around this town, as exits and onramps change. With the current mood of life as it is, I’d rather just stream comforting televised-visions into my living room and drink overly sugared earl grey. I know that’s not the answer, but as the Vancouver area’s culture and populations change and swell, I wonder how independent artists will find each other and support our spaces when it’s easier to just drive to PDX or stay home and scroll our feed.

At Klineline Pond you are likely to encounter children splashing and cuddling couples sharing a spoon over a halved watermelon.

I need to continue to know my city and her people. I need that to stay focused on staying in this world. I don’t want to check out and give up, but I’ve always found it hard to connect in SWWA (I grew up here). There are a million and twenty reasons for that (other than my own general neurosis); that’s another post entirely. I want to bitch and moan about the MLM army that I see closing in on me at every turn; I want to scream at the apathy and thinly veiled discrimination I see in my neighborhood. We go into Portland to protest. We go into Portland to see shows. We go into Portland to be moved. Why not here?

It’s not like we can’t or shouldn’t be a part of the regional scene, which includes PDX and beyond, but this side of the river feels a little dead outside of a small insular downtown scene. It’s not for lack of some great people trying, as there have been and are many people working to create these opportunities north of the bridge. With so many of us struggling to make art while trying to stay/become housed, stable (while fighting our government), it’s important for us to find each other and make this slice of sprawl a little more our own.